**Sizing is true, unless otherwise noted within the direct product description. Always check the item to see if there's a sizing chart.**

Size Chart

Remember: When ordering, account for the turnaround time. If your child is 1 week old, you should probably size up (order a 0-3 instead of a Newborn).

See the bottom of the page for more information.

 Size Weight Inches
Newborn 4-8lbs 17-19"
0-3 Months 9-11lbs 19-23"
3-6 Months 12-15lbs 24-26"
6-9 Months 16-18lbs
9-12 Months 19-20lbs
12-18 Months 21-23lbs
18-24 Months 24-28lbs 33-35"
2T 24-28lbs
3T 28.5-32lbs
4T/4 33-36lbs/37-41lbs
5 37-41lbs


*All clothing runs TTS unless otherwise noted in the description. Similar to Carter's/Oshkosh.

*Remember, this chart is just a suggestion. Body types come in all shapes and sizes, so you may have a lanky 12 month old that still has room to grow in her 6-9 month clothes!


But wait - 18-24 Months and 2T appear to be the same!

Children's clothing is weird. Clothing cut  =<24 months is rounder than 2T+, so in some patterns, there is a slight difference. These patterns are adjusted to allow for "crawling to walking".

***This does not apply to every item. Some items, 18-24m and 2T will be the same. The sizing difference is inserted for standardization.


Why is 5 not a "T" or Toddler/What is the 4 without the T?

Most children's (moving out of toddler) clothing will start at 4. Notice there is no T when I mention this 4. All sizes listed with "T" are a little larger in the bottoms, to allow room for diapers and training pants. This is standard practice.

Occasionally, you may see us list an item that does not support T but is <4; This will be very few and far between.

For more information, this article is super informative.


My daughter is 6 months but her clothes are tight! She weights 18lbs.

You'll want to size up. Remember, children's clothing is based on size -  Not on age. This is true for any article of clothing.


Why don't you list sizes of the garments?

Handmade clothing may have very minor variances, so I don't want to advertise that something is 11.7" long, while the person receiving it measures 11.6" because the item isn't laying perfectly flat.

We also support many designs and sizes.

Offering you size ranges is more effective. Please reference those, but if you have specific questions for ANY garment, contact I'll be more than happy to assist you!


Listen. I'm still confused. What's a name brand that has comparable sizing?

While not exact, our clothing sizes are very comparable to Carter's/Oshkosh.

Again, please reach out to if you have ANY questions regarding size. To help achieve a quicker response, please include your child's measurements - including weight, the garments you're looking at, and your questions.