Digital Goods Policies

Unless otherwise noted in the product description, for digital SEAMLESS files, you are purchasing 1 zipped file containing:
    • 1 High Resolution (300 DPI) JPG, 12x12 inches, in RGB
      • [for personal use]
    • 1 High Resolution (300DPI) PNG, 12x12 inches, in RGB
      • [for personal use]
  • Please make sure you're aware of how to unzip a file on your computer before purchasing. Google can provide quick and easy tips, if you're unfamiliar with this process.


    You must read the following before purchasing. By purchasing these products, you are agreeing to the terms.

    All copyrights reserved.

    • No license is required for personal use. If you're a textiles printer and want to offer this to your customers, please contact me for commercial licensing.
      • If the usage of the product is part of the process of you directly or indirectly making money, then it's considered commercial.
        • E.g. If you are a fabric printer and you sell 100+ units by using our seamless files to print, you will need a commercial license.
        • E.g. If you are a handmade shop that had fabric printed with one of our seamless files you've purchased, you will need a commercial license if you're manufacturing 100+ units with it.
          • For all intents and purpose, any article would be considered 1 unit. So 50 bummies and 50 joggers sold in our print would be considered 100+ units.
        • If you are a handmade shop that purchased the print already printed at a licensed fabric printer, you do not need to purchase additional licensing, as you fall under their umbrella. 
      • In case of commercial use exceeding 100 copies, please be advised that you will need to purchase an additional commercial license with every piece from 100-1000 copies. A mass license (from 1000-5000) requires a different license.
      • The purchase of commercial licensing does NOT transfer copyrights.
      • Please email us for purchasing this.
    • For all vectors used within our graphics, we have purchased required commercial-licensing along with it - or we created them in-house.
    • All seamless graphics are created by Spitfire Threads LLC.
    • You cannot claim these designs as your own work.
    • You cannot resell the digital product as is, or with minor changes.
    • You cannot share them as freebies, giveaways, or downloads.
    • If you have additional questions or if you're unsure if you need commercial licensing, please email us at


    • All files are seamless and high-quality. Coloring may vary depending on your computer settings.
      • What is displayed on the webpage is low-quality and not seamless, to prevent items from being stolen.
    • These are exported in RGB, to reduce color changes when it comes to the printing process.
    • Some printers do not check files before printing, their colors & scaling may be skewed. It is your responsibility to verify your printer's capabilities, print-quality, and scaling.
    • Spitfire Threads LLC is not held liable for issues in the printing process.
    • No files here are exclusive, unless otherwise noted.
      • Occasionally, we may have files that are limited to 10 purchases.
    • Due to this being a digital product, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.